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The Burning Building

We were trapped in a room on an upper floor of a burning building
Frantically trying to escape
Some remembered the hallway and stairs to freedom
But we could only peer through the locked keyhole
Into the smoke-filled outside

After several years, we settled into a comfortable existence
As comfortable as one can be when living in a burning building

Once there was a way to get back home again
In fact we could go back and forth at will
I remember crossing the hall into a parallel universe
And looking over the edge of a flat Earth
Those were the days of wine and roses
We took our lives in our hands and loved every minute of it

Older and wiser we continue to peer through the locked keyhole
And debate about what really happened
Two men from the sky promise to catch us if we jump
In the futility of desperation
Many plunge to their deaths

Me, I sit waiting for the locksmith
It's been days, months since we called
And many have given up
Still I hold on out of faith, wishful thinking or quiet resignation
I have a lot of questions to ask
But no words with which to ask them

I dreamt a golden key lay underneath my pillow
Unlocked, the door flew open and we were free
Like birds released from a cage
Except me
I was alone in my cage
Door wide open and me unable to move
Terrified of the unknown and of learning to fly

So where does that leave me
My G-d what have I done?
Dorothy says we're not in Kansas anymore
Toto says he misses Africa
Marilyn says that diamonds are her best friends but I need to know
Don't I have a right to know?

My life slowly flashes before me
With gritty Zapruder-like realism
Was it a conspiracy or
Did I pull my own trigger?

And there it ends
And starts again
A broken record spinning round and round
Within a circle without...
Well you can fill in the blank on that one
No more gratuitous pop-culture references without a license
No more inquisitions


It is important to remember Love
It's not the only thing but it's the best thing
And people like us in places like this
Need all the Love we can get
So let us drink a toast to Love
More than a feeling
A way of life